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Babybel Plant-Based cheese is now available

    Following considerable consumer fanfare after an initial announcement in February, Bel Brands USA is excited to announce that Babybel Plant-Based is now available at retailers nationwide. The creamy, delicious plant-based snack can be found at Whole Foods, Sam’s Club and Fresh Thyme, as well as select Costco locations in the Southeast.

    Perfect for flexitarians and dairy-free consumers alike, cheese lovers can unpeel the goodness of Babybel Plant-Based to discover a soft, smooth, and creamy texture. Babybel Plant-Based was developed by leveraging Bel Brands USA’s 150 years of cheese-making experience to create a product everyone can enjoy.

    “At Bel Brands USA we have a continued commitment to bringing forward great tasting cheese options that meet our consumers’ evolving needs, including expanding our portfolio to plant-based offerings,” said Shannon Maher, Chief Marketing Officer at Bel Brands USA. “Plant-based snack cheese offerings to date lack a true dairy flavor and texture. We recognized this gap and went to work to develop this delicious snack so that every cheese-lover has the opportunity to enjoy Babybel.”

    Mimicking the taste and texture of Mini Babybel, this new snack was crafted to taste like Mozzarella cheese and offers a good source of calcium and B12. And because the iconic new snack needs iconic new packaging, the certified plant-based and dairy-free snack is packaged in Babybel’s signature wax coating, now in green to easily identify as plant-based.

    Green is the new red! Babybel’s iconic red wax now comes in green to easily identify as plant-based. The dairy-free snacks also come in a pouch made of 80% paper to reduce plastic use and the wrappers are certified home-compostable.

    “Babybel is an iconic cheese brand, so it was imperative that we delivered a plant-based offering that met the expectations our consumers have when it comes to taste, texture and quality,” said Melanie Nemoy, Brand Director at Babybel. “At the end of the day, our fans had the final say on this product after numerous rounds of tasting and refinement.”

    Babybel Plant-Based is available in a six-count bag at Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme, as well as a 32-count pack at Costco and a 20-count pack at Sam’s Club, with expanded availability to come throughout 2022. The packaging is made of 80% paper and the wrappers inside are certified home-compostable by TUV Austria. Babybel also now offers an alternative way for consumers to recycle products in partnership with Terracycle.