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Costa Rica

Do pink pineapples taste different?

    The pink pineapple’s unique pigment not only imparts a visually striking pink color to the pineapple but also contributes to its distinctively sweeter flavor profile compared to regular pineapples.

    pina picante chili lime 1

    Exoctic Piña Picante spicy chili lime dried pineapple snacks is hot

      Piña Picante starts with premium pineapple from Costa Rica and infused with unique blends of spices before drying. Our first flavor, Chili Lime, is infused with the perfect combination of cayenne peppers and zesty lime with a hint of sea salt. Just like the Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snack line, Piña Picante is a better-for-you snack made with simple clean ingredients and contains NO ADDED SUGAR. Unlike Crispy Fruit however, Piña Picante is air-dried, with a chewy consistency, and every bite delivers distinctive flavorful sensations.