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Gilmore Girls The Official Cookbook 50 Fan Favorite Recipes 1

Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook by Elena Craig and Kristen Mulrooney

    Oy with the poodles already! The first official collection of recipes and gift set inspired by the world of the fast-talking Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook features dishes from every corner of Stars Hollow and beyond, including the Dragonfly Inn, Weston’s Bakery, Al’s Pancake World, Luke’s Diner, and Emily and Richard’s dinner table. 

    The Official Peanuts Cookbook Collection book cover 1 1

    Get cooking with The Official Peanuts Cookbook Collection

      Want your kids to get more independence around the kitchen? The Official Peanuts Cookbook Collection by publisher Weldon Owen is a great starting point for the little cooks in your family. Have fun with the Peanuts Gang as they help the little tykes cook a storm in the kitchen with a little dash of fun. The box set is greatly illustrated with rich drawings that will be even collectors gobble up!

      Shaqs Family Style 1

      Shaq’s Family Style

        Shaq’s love of food, eating, and family cooking began in his childhood home, where his mom cooked for him and his three siblings. With his own family, he carries on the commitment to creating family connections and fun through food. In Shaq’s Family Style, featuring his inimitable sense of humor, he shares eighty recipes for bringing family together around the table, plus 100 photographs to whet the appetite.

        IKEA cookbook 1

        Free Kitchen Scraps Cookbook from Ikea

          IKEA once again is in the forefront with The Scraps Book: A Waste-Less Cookbook. You can download it for free or win a chance to win a hardcopy edition.

          cooking alone Kathleen Le Riche 1

          Cooking Alone by Kathleen Le Riche With an Introduction by Bee Wilson

            Cooking Alone is not your conventional cookbook. You see it was published in 1954 and is less recipe-oriented but a cornucopia witty food banter for distinctive individuals. The book might feel a bit dated but still stands out many years later. The main ingredient of Cooking Alone is wry humor. Kathleen Le Riche cooks us rich vignettes of gastronomic bite-size character-driven delightful recipes.

            cooking with deadpool scaled 1

            Marvel Comics: Cooking With Deadpool

              When it comes to cooking with super-heroes, Superman and Batman come to mind. Superman’s super-speed and heat-vision, cooking can be a flash and your food would always be warm. Batman has Alfred who can whip up any exotic recipe at his beckoning. Now when it comes to Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth has built an extensive appetite for digestion.

              the official wonder woman cookbook 1

              Food of the Gods the official Wonder Woman cookbook

                Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook by Briana Volk seems like a natural for the amazing Amazon. One would deduce that her diet would have to be a healthy one considering the longevity of the inhabitants of Paradise Island.