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Breathable Bacon Mask 1

Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Mask

    Imagine taking a whiff of bacon from your mask all day at work. It is bad enough I smell my own coffee breath. Hormel wants you to enjoy the sweet smell of bacon all day long. They have created a bacon-scented breathable mask. Hey, at least if I do contract Covis-19, I will be satisfied knowing I will die with bacon in my nostrils. These masks will be sizzlers.

    Pagan Breakfast God Mask 1

    Pagan breakfast god mask

      All hail the Pagan Breakfast God! Thank you for the daily bacon that we are about to receive. This cool mask from the folks of Archie McPhee adds a little dash of fun for the Halloween season. Nothing like having egg on your face.

      charms bacon cotton candy 1

      Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy?

        Wait a cotton picking minute! Did you say bacon cotton candy? What is the world coming to? Bacon cotton candy is not exactly new but Charms which is owned by Tootsie Roll is getting traction with their latest offering. My taste buds are conflicted. Sugar and bacon! How can you say no?

        sea more products 1

        Seamore Seaweed pasta

          Seaweed is popping out everywhere lately. Seamore is a Netherlands company that wants to see more of their products in your home. They make bacon, wraps and pasta out of seaweed. No wonder Captain Nemo was able to live underwater for long periods of time. He was harvesting seaweed and transforming it into bacon, wraps and pasta.
          Seamore is turning to crowdfunding to help bring their products to market. They are already in 750 stores in 6 countries. From sea to sea, you will soon be seeing Seamore seaweed products.

          Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips 1

          Outstanding! Guilt-free! Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips!

            Chips that taste like bacon that are made from plants? Can it be true? Crispy and salty Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips will be available in four flavors: Original (tastes just like bacon, the company says), Cheddar, Chipotle and Kansas City BBQ. The varieties are non-GMO and chemical-free. Full of flavor. Free of guilt. Available in April, 2018 by Outstanding Foods, a plant-based foods company.