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SOUR PATCH KIDS launches lemonade-Inspired flavors just in time for summer

    sour patch kids

    Summer just got sweeter with the new Lemonade Fest from SOUR PATCH KIDS. This tangy and refreshing candy is now available in stores across the country. Lemonade Fest offers four unique lemonade-inspired flavors, including Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Cherry Lime Lemonade. Each candy starts with a sour kick and finishes with a delightful sweetness that will make your tastebuds dance. Try SOUR PATCH KIDS Lemonade Fest today!

    “With Lemonade Fest, we’ve created a fun and refreshing candy that perfectly captures the ultimate essence of sour-then-sweet, in a way that only SOUR PATCH KIDS can. We know our Gen Z fans will love the bright, lemonade-inspired flavors,” said Grace Howard, Brand Manager, Innovation, “Whether you’re lounging by the pool, trick-or-treating, looking for a cool stocking stuffer, or puckering up for Valentine’s Day, SOUR PATCH KIDS Lemonade Fest delivers a tangy tingle that will keep the summer vibe alive all year long.”

    The New Lemonade Fest TikTok challenge offers fans the chance to win sweet rewards 

    From May 29 to August 29, Lemonade Fest is being launched and SOUR PATCH KIDS wants to make sour summers sweet on TikTok. Fans are encouraged to share their sour summer stories by making a TikTok video with the hashtag #SPKMakesLemonade and tagging @therealsourpatchkids in the caption. Also, include the text overlay #Sweepstakes. Whether it’s missing a flight, dropping an ice cream cone, or waking up with a sunglasses tan line after falling asleep on the beach, SOUR PATCH KIDS want to save summer by giving fans a chance to win sweet rewards. These include a SPK Lemonade Fest prize pack and a summer getaway.

    Fun Fact: In 2011, rapper Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan released a single titled “World Gone Sour” that was based on the Sour Patch Kids candy, giving them a musical spotlight.