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Kraft Heinz unveils new Remix customizable sauce dispenser for restaurants

    heinz remix sauce dispenser

    Kraft Heinz is making strides in the away-from-home market to increase sales with its latest machine, the Heinz Remix. Kraft Heinz aims to provide its food-service clients with a wider range of condiment options through a new customizable sauce dispenser, offering over three times the current number of choices. The company has widened its distribution in airports, introduced a premium version of its mayonnaise for chefs, and improved the formulation of its Lunchables to make them suitable for schools.

    “We are very, very clear that away-from-home and food service gives us an opportunity to test, to learn, to understand and to build trends much earlier than we have done historically,” said Peter Hall, Kraft Heinz’s head of its North American food service division.