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People are still stirring mayonnaise into their coffee

    Mayo Coffee

    Will Levis caused a stir when he added mayonnaise to his coffee instead of the usual cream or sugar. The former Kentucky quarterback clarified at the NFL scouting combine that it was only a joke that went viral on social media.

    Are we on the cusp of a new Arnold Palmer-like half-and-half-tea craze-like type of phenomenon? Crazier things have happened. For now, I will let my tastebuds rest on the sidelines. Mayonnaise makers are more than happy to give exposure to this new fad. Remember, adding mayo to your coffee will add a significant amount of calories, sodium, and fat to your diet.

    Some people believe that adding condiments to their coffee can enhance the flavor and texture, as well as increase their energy levels throughout the morning. However, I find this concept difficult to comprehend and wonder if ketchup will be the next addition to coffee.

    Fun Fact: In Vietnam, egg coffee is common, which involves whisking an egg into condensed milk before adding it to your brew.