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Slice of the Future: Máka Mia Pizza Unveils New Robotic Pizza Shop

    Máka Mia Pizza is revolutionizing the North American pizza market with the introduction of its new Mia V4.5 Robotic Pizza Shop. Partnering with a thriving pizza robotic system from Europe, Máka Mia has combined its superior pizza with the newest version of the robotic oven and is introducing it to the United States food industry market. This new process creates unbelievably great-tasting pizza in three minutes using precision robotics.

    Máka Mia Pizza is made with a private cheese blend, a never-canned Italian family pizza sauce recipe, and proprietary dough balls designed for a light center and crisp edge and bottom. The Robotic Pizza Shop features two stone hearth ovens that will perfectly cook and serve great pizzas in less than three minutes, without human assistance. From soup to nuts, Maka Mia has a cutting-edge turn-key operation and is excited to spearhead this revolution. It’s designed for retailers with significant foot traffic, including college and university communities, airports, hotels, amusement parks, convenience stores, and stadiums and sports facilities.

    “This is a perfect opportunity for retailers looking to increase revenue with limited labor requirements while still delivering a premium product,” said Matt Maas, Founder & CEO of Máka Mia Pizza. “The quality is hard to believe until you experience it for yourself. That’s why we’re scheduling demos across the U.S., to give the food service industry and retail partners the chance for a hands-on presentation and taste test. I challenge anyone to match the total package of quality, convenience and advanced technology of Máka Mia’s Robotic Pizza Shop.”