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Kraft Mac & Cheese brings comfort to new College Care Packages

    In an unprecedented move, Kraft Mac & Cheese has ventured into the realm of college care packages, promising to deliver a dose of comfort to your beloved student.

    The groundbreaking Kraft Mac & Cheese College Care Pack comprises a generous supply of 30 Easy Mac cups. These culinary lifesavers are as simple to prepare as they are delicious – just add water, pop them in the microwave, and finish with a sprinkle of savory cheese powder. It’s the quintessential college meal, reimagined for maximum convenience and unbeatable taste.

    But that’s not all! To make this care package truly all-encompassing, they’ve included an all-in-one set of reusable cutlery. These utensils are designed to cater to the busy lifestyle of a college student on the go, ensuring they have everything they need to savor their Kraft Mac & Cheese anytime, anywhere.

    This thoughtful Kraft Mac & Cheese College Care Pack is not just about providing sustenance; it’s a warm embrace from home, a reminder that you care, and a gesture that speaks to the timeless comfort of a beloved classic meal. Whether your student is navigating the challenges of late-night study sessions or seeking solace amid academic demands, our care pack is there to offer nourishment and reassurance. It’s a taste of home that they can carry with them, creating moments of culinary delight and comfort, no matter where their academic journey takes them.

    “College students often become overwhelmed and homesick during this back-to-school time and turn to their favorite comfort foods during the adjustment period, particularly those that are easy to make in a dorm room microwave, like Kraft Mac & Cheese Cups.

    Kraft Mac & Cheese is the perfect comfort food for every stage of life – including going off to college – and this new pack makes easy, cheesy, and delicious meals more accessible than ever before,” Kraft said.

    Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese DinnerGet ready to drown in a mighty pool of cheese and cream with Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese Dinner; prepared with original flavor with tantalizing cheese sauce helping you lose your way in a cheese expedition. The spice of paprika gives a genuine hot texture to the macaroni and cheese dinner; crafted with care from the USA for the people who are in love with macaroni.

    Once you start eating, you cannot resist the temptation and extravagant taste. Love at First Creamy BiteIt’s rich in taste with velvety cream and lip-licking cheese to appease your undying cravings for a cheesy – creamy bite. The microwavable Easy Mac is easy to be carried along with you, wherever you go! Just go to a microwave, pour some water, and watch the magic right in front of your eyes. The pleasing fragrance in the air will magnetize you on your seat until you gobble the cup.

    The care package, sufficient to cover the initial 30 days of the semester, is available for purchase at HERE for the price of $29.99.