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Jack Link’s and Fritos New Collab Release Snacking Flavors

    In an epic new collaboration between Jack Link’s, Fritos and Flamin’ Hot, the legendary brands have come together to bring the savory flavor of Fritos Chili Cheese and a kick of Flamin’ Hot to Jack Link’s high-quality smoky meat snacks.

    The bold, new offerings are expertly seasoned with the iconic Frito-Lay-inspired flavors to help level up fans’ snacking experiences. Jack Link’s Fritos Chili Cheese flavor will be available in Beef Jerky, Meat Sticks and Cheese Stick & Meat Combos, along with Jack Link’s Flamin’ Hot adding Cheese Stick & Meat Combos to its lineup. The Jack Link’s Fritos Chili Cheese and Jack Link’s Flamin’ Hot flavored Cheese Stick & Meat combos offer at least 5g of protein per serving and are made with jalapeño cheese, creating a combination of savory, bold flavors that are energizing and easy to eat on-the-go.

    The iconic brand collaboration expands its’ portfolio with additional mashups featuring Fritos and Flamin’ Hot flavors

    “We’re proud to continue expanding our portfolio with Frito-Lay to deliver these epic flavors to new and existing jerky lovers,” said Molly Russell, Director of Marketing for the Jack Link’s brand. “In addition to these new flavors, we’re expanding our co-branded portfolio with the Cheese Stick & Meat Combination, which will help level up meat snacks fans’ snacking experience.”

    “These product mashups are an exciting way for us to continue to bring our legendary flavors to new innovations and provide our fans with more exciting snacking options,” said Leslie Vesper, Vice President of Marketing at Frito-Lay.

    Jack Link’s Fritos Chili Cheese flavored Beef Jerky, Meat Sticks and Cheese Stick & Meat Combos as well as Flamin’ Hot flavored Cheese & Meat Stick Combos are available for purchase online and at retailers nationwide alongside existing Flamin’ Hot and Doritos® Spicy Sweet Chili offerings. Suggested retail price for the portfolio of Jack Link’s and Frito-Lay products:

    Oh, you didn’t know: The Frito Kid, a blond animated cowboy, served as the original mascot for Fritos until 1967 when he was succeeded by the Frito Bandito, a chip thief pursued by the “Frito Bureau of Investigation.” The offensive caricature was retired in 1971. Despite its regrettable nature, the Bandito had notable animation figures contributing to it, with Tex Avery, the iconic creator of Looney Tunes, handling the drawing, and Mel Blanc providing the voice, essentially using the same voice as Speedy Gonzales.