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Pizza Hut Makes Breaking Up Easy So That You Don’t Have To, With New Hot Honey ‘Goodbye Pies’

    Pizza Hut Makes Breaking Up Easy So That You Don’t Have To, With New Hot Honey ‘Goodbye Pies’

    Prior to Valentine’s Day, numerous individuals contemplate ending their relationships, feeling disinclined to splurge on gifts for their significant others. The notion of parting with their hard-earned money dampens their spirits. Pizza Hut, recognizing this dilemma, aims to facilitate the breakup process by offering a solution. Acting as your partner in separation, they propose the gesture of gifting a pizza pie as a means to bid farewell with minimal remorse.

    Pizza Hut announces a new Valentine’s Day offering, “Goodbye Pies” with the launch of its new sweet yet spicy Hot Honey pizza. There’s a misconception that breakups don’t happen around Valentine’s Day, but research shows it’s actually a holiday centered around the most heartbreak with 45% of people agreeing it’s better to do the deed right before the holiday itself. There’s even a phenomenon called ‘Red Tuesday’, which is the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day, where people break up most often in the year.

    That’s why starting this Red Tuesday, February 6, through Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut is launching new, limited-edition Hot Honey “Goodbye Pies” to help deliver spicy news in a sweet way for FREE. By sending a Goodbye Pie, Pizza Hut will help you break up with your significant other by delivering a personalized, simple message on custom packaging with a sweet and spicy Hot Honey pizza to ease the pain. The custom Goodbye Pie pizza boxes also leave a space on the top for the break-upper’s name to be added.

    Pizza Hut Makes Breaking Up Easy So That You Don’t Have To, With New Hot Honey ‘Goodbye Pies’

    Hot Honey Pizza features a pizza crust topped with marinara sauce, a generous layer of cheese, classic pepperoni, a hot honey drizzle made with real honey infused with chili peppers and crispy cupped pepperoni, balancing the honey’s sweet heat with the savory-salty taste of the pepperoni. The crisp pepperoni cups are ideally shaped to hold the hot honey drizzle.

    To submit for a chance to send a free Goodbye Pie, simply visit starting February 6 to ditch that awkward break-up convo and send a pizza instead. This offer will be available through February 14 at select locations in the three major U.S. cities notorious for heartbreaks – NYCChicago and Miami, while supplies last. Not available in your city? The website above can also be used to request Pizza Hut instead write a breakup text for you to send, along with a link to a gift card for your future ex to redeem a free Hot Honey pizza. Limited quantities are only available during this limited time.

    Alternatively, one could opt for the convenience of a breakup text message to swiftly communicate the decision.