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Introducing the Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle

    Heinz devotees often go to “unconventional extremes” to guarantee their beloved condiment is readily available during meals, whether it’s tucking packets into socks or carrying bottles on the go.

    Introducing the Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle—an entertaining and portable accessory that enables ketchup lovers to proudly express their affection for Heinz Ketchup. The kit includes a classic glass Heinz Ketchup bottle equipped with a specially crafted Nalgene cap, providing durability and style. Accompanied by an array of vibrant stickers, this kit allows for personalized customization, letting you showcase your creativity and love for ketchup uniquely. The addition of a convenient red strap ensures that your Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle can accompany you to any event or gathering, making it a delightful and functional conversation starter.

    “People nationwide, especially Gen Zers, have taken to social media detailing how they can’t go anywhere without their trusted bottles,” said Navjit Dhillon, associate brand manager for Heinz. “As this trend has grown, we recognized synergies between this behavior and Heinz fans’ habit of bringing their own ketchup bottles on the go, to ensure they are never without the sweet relief of Heinz Ketchup.” 

    Exclusively offered on Amazon for a limited duration, the Heinz Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle showcases the renowned glass Heinz bottle, complete with a precisely fitted cap, personalized Heinz stickers, and a convenient carrying strap.