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habit melt 1

The Habit Burger Grill is bringing back the Patty Melt

    California-based restaurant company The Habit Burger Grill is bringing back a classic throwback to their menu for a limited time. Returning to much fanfare after a limited release last winter, The Habit’s Patty Melt is the ultimate nostalgic sandwich, combining two of America’s favorite foods together, the grilled cheese sandwich and a classic Charburger.

    popeyes mac and cheese 1

    Popeyes launches Mac & Cheese as a new side dish

      We got a winner here. Popeyes has released nationwide their new Mac & Cheese side dish. The comfort food offering is sure to be very popular with their clients. You can order it in a regular or large size.

      Sonic Drink stick lineup 1

      New Sonic Drink Mix Sticks available on store shelves

        SONIC Drive-In is debuting SONIC Drink Mix Singles-To-Go in its wildly popular Cherry Limeade, Ocean Water, and Strawberry Lemonade flavours. The introduction of the new drink mixes is SONIC’s latest innovation to offer fans access to the iconic flavours they love when they’re unable to visit one of the brand’s more than 3,500 Drive-In locations.

        Arbys Canada Introduces New Poutine Dip Sandwich 1

        Arby’s Canada introduces new Poutine Dip Sandwich

          Arby’s Canada are you trying to seduce me with your new Poutine Dip Sandwich? Because if you are, you got me sold. Poutine on a sandwich, how scandalous of you. You have succeeded, I will pry my money from my wallet.

          Krispy Skreme Halloween scaled 1

          Krispy Kreme introduces Krispy Skreme doughnuts for Halloween

            Beginning today, Oct. 11, Krispy Skreme fans will be enchanted by four new doughnuts that are adorable takes on iconic Halloween symbols for a limited time at participating shops across the U.S.

            Under a witchy theme, Krispy Kreme has transformed to “Krispy Skreme” this Halloween season, complete with a logo change, four new doughnuts and the treat of $1 dozens every Saturday, plus a free doughnut offer on Halloween.

            krispy kreme japan fridays signature doughnut burger 1

            Krispy Kreme and TGI Friday’s Japan create flaming chicken sandwich doughnut burger

              Here is the newest burger concoction that will have you breathing fire like a dragon. TGI Friday’s Japan just unleashed in the east the Flaming Doughnut Chicken Sandwich. It comes with two Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts, bacon,  jalapenos, and Friday’s Nashville hot sauce, which the chain boasts is “hot enough to make you breathe fire.”

              mcrib is back2 1

              The McRib is back at McDonald’s USA this fall

                McRib fans to the front of the line; the tangy and tantalizing sandwich you’ve been waiting for all year is almost back! The legendary McRib will make its triumphant return to McDonald’s USA menus this fall – you can grab the craveable sandwich beginning Nov. 1 for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide.