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Hooters Opens More Than 150 Locations Nationwide

    Hooters is opening over 150 locations nationwide for dine-in service. The restaurant chain is adhering to the strictest working conditions to keep its patrons safe. Grubbits will keep you abreast as more restaurants re-open.

    Hooters‘ commitment to safety within restaurants includes:

    • Maintaining six feet distance between all persons.
    • Limiting the number of guests in the restaurant following state and local occupancy requirements.
    • Increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the restaurant, including wipe-downs of tables after each use, hourly wipe-downs of high-contact areas, and nightly deep cleanings.
    • Providing hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and throughout the restaurant.
    • Frequent handwashing by all team members (at least every 30 minutes or more if needed).
    • Requiring team members to wear gloves & face coverings at all times (with gloves being replaced after each guest interaction). Guests are asked to follow local and state mandates regarding face coverings.
    • Conducting daily team member wellness screenings, including temperature checks.
    • A hygiene captain is assigned to each shift to ensure compliance with all guidelines.

    Fun Fact: The restaurant’s name was inspired by the May 17, 1980 episode of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Steve Martin. During his monologue, titled “I Believe,” he said, “I believe it’s derogatory to refer to a woman’s breasts as ‘boobs,’ ‘jugs,’ ‘winnebagos,’ or ‘golden bozos…’ and that you should only refer to them as ‘hooters.’”