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Krispy Kreme and TGI Friday’s Japan create flaming chicken sandwich doughnut burger

    Here is the newest burger concoction that will have you breathing fire like a dragon. TGI Friday’s Japan just unleashed in the east the Flaming Doughnut Chicken Sandwich. It comes with two Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts, bacon,  jalapenos, and Friday’s Nashville hot sauce, which the chain boasts is “hot enough to make you breathe fire.”

    The common wisdom is that you’re supposed to eat dessert at the end of your meal, but the inherent risk to that plan is that you might get full before you can start eating your sweets. Reminding yourself to save room for dessert is one possible way of avoiding that problem, but it’s hard to find the willpower to follow your own advice when your main dish is also something deliciously decadent.

    According to TGI Friday’s Japan, donut burgers born in the United States are popular for their sweet, salty and addictive taste, which is a mixture of the sweetness of donuts and gravy-rich beef patties and sauces. Even in Japan, where health consciousness is increasing, it is attracting attention as “a devilish taste that is not a case of worrying about calories.”