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siracha squeeze bottle 1

How many fonts are used on the iconic Huy Fong sriracha label

    One would think the iconic Huy Fong sriracha bottle would be a graphic designer’s worst nightmare. Just how many typefaces does the bottle use? If you guessed eight, you would be right. The rooster was created because David Tran, the founder of the company was born in the year of the rooster. The rooster represents strength.

    Oreo cookies 1

    Oreos greatest knock-off cookie ever

      Did you know that Oreo cookies were copied from a competitor?. They are a ripoff of Hydrox, the original cream-filled chocolate cookie, which came out in 1908. Oreos only made their first appearance in 1912. Hydrox cookies are still available today. I guess the Hydrox name never caught on.

      kinder ice cream 1 1

      The Ice Age: Kinder Bueno ice cream coming soon

        Summer just got cooler with Kinder Bueno ice cream. The only drawback is that it is only available in France. They plan to release three types of ice cream. The Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich, the Kinder Ice Cream Stick and the Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cone will be making a chilly reception to the delight of Kinder Bueno fans this summer.

        unhappy meal mcdonalds no longer offering cheeseburger 1

        McDonald’s Happy Meal: Say goodbye to your cheeseburger

          McDonald’s announced this week that by 2022, cheeseburgers won’t be part of the menu for the kids’ Happy Meals anymore. The company wants to “reinforce responsible marketing to children.” The cheeseburger will still be available but not bundled with the Happy Meal. Are they saying that cheeseburgers are not healthy? 15% of McDonald’s customers come in to order happy meals. There sure will be a bunch of unhappy kids out there. The responsibility will now fall on the parents to make the wrong food choice for their kids. Or is this just another veiled money grab to go outside the Happy Meal combo to pay more for the cheeseburger?

          Mug Cakes 1

          New line of Betty Crocker Mug Treats

            The mug cake revolution is upon us. Betty Crocker has joined other manufacturers who have introduced mug cakes already in the past few years. Get your taste buds ready to battle the three different flavors; Rich Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and Birthday Cake. The mug cakes can be ready within a minute in your microwave.

            people eat peels 1

            People around the world eat banana peels

              Did you know that in many parts of the world people eat banana peels? What is so appealing about banana peels anyway? Here are a few benefits.
              12% of your daily fiber, which helps with digestion and may help lower your risk of diabetes
              17% of your vitamin C, which is important for your immune system as well as growth and development
              20% of your vitamin B-6, which aids the body’s ability to convert food into energy
              12% of your potassium, which helps in development of cells, tissues, and organs throughout the body
              8% of your magnesium, which is important for the body’s energy productions and regulating glucose and blood pressure levels

              What does MMs really stand for 1 1

              What does M&M’s really stand for?

                M&M’s stands for Mars and Murrie. Forrest E. Mars Sr. was the founder of the Mars Company and Bruce Murrie was the son of Hershey Chocolate’s founder. The patented chocolate candies were created in 1941.

                Hawaiian pizza 1

                Who created Hawaiian pizza?

                  Believe it or not, the Hawaiian pizza was created by a Canadian? Unholy by pizza purists, this pizza found its way to many menus since it was created in 1962 by Sam Panopoulos, who was born in Greece and moved to Canada when he was 20. The Southwestern Ontario creation was named Hawaiian pizza after the brand of canned pineapple used for the pizza. Traditionally it is combined with ham as a contrast to the pineapple sweetness.

                  heinz 57 1

                  What does Heinz 57 varieties stand for?

                    Ever wonder what Heinz 57 varieties stands for on your ketchup bottle? In the infancy of the company, the H. J. Heinz Company created the advertising slogan “57 Varieties of Pickles.” Over the years it has come to mean anything that is made from a large number of parts or origins.

                    pretzel 1

                    Who created the first pretzel?

                      Many believe it was created in 610 A.D. by an Italian monk who wanted to reward children for saying their prayers. It derives to the word “pretiolas” which means little rewards.