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The Bob Ross Cookbook: Happy Little Recipes for Family and Friends

    Hey, stay-at-home covidians! Bob Ross is ready to get you out of your doldrums and into your kitchens. Just what we needed, a cookbook inspired by Bob Ross.

    The Bob Ross Cookbook: Happy Little Recipes for Family and Friends includes recipes and entertaining ideas based on the art and wisdom of Bob Ross, evoking the painter’s signature wisdom and tone. Learn how to apply his laid-back, meditative approach to delicious meals such as:

    • Happy Little Roasted Chicken
    • Curly-Topped Veggie Mac and Cheese
    • Nothing-to-It Pot Roast
    • Van Dyke Browned Meatballs
    • Golden Sunset Shrimp Scampi
    • Upstream Salmon Croquettes
    • Brunch Palette Quiche
    • Cabin-Roasted Vegetables
    • And much more!

    Peppered with Bob’s own art and quotes and featuring full-color food illustrations from a certified Bob Ross painting instructor, this cookbook features easy-to-follow recipes that include “Bravery Test” sidebars for when you want to take it up a notch. You know The Joy of Painting; now learn the joy of cooking with Bob Ross.

    Fun Fact: While trees and wildlife often helped bring Ross’s paintings to life, he rarely painted people. In fact, he liked to keep his work as people-free as possible. If you notice, his cabins never had chimneys on them. That’s because chimneys represented people, and he didn’t want any sign of a person in his paintings.