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Ben & Jerry’s Perfected New Non-Dairy Strawberry Cheezecake

    Ben and Jerry’s, the well-known ice cream brand, has introduced a new non-dairy flavor made with oat milk called Strawberry Cheezecake. This dairy-free version of a popular fan-favorite has been highly anticipated and is made with a novel oat milk base. The flavor experts at Ben and Jerry’s have acknowledged the excitement surrounding the arrival of Strawberry Cheezecake. This new flavor is a significant step towards providing more inclusive and delicious options for those seeking non-dairy alternatives. The meticulous development process underscores the brand’s commitment to culinary excellence.

    In 2016, Ben & Jerry’s began their innovative journey into the world of non-dairy ice cream. Their mission was to create plant-based alternatives that match the exceptional quality and playful essence of their traditional dairy-based ice cream varieties.

    Ben & Jerry’s has been experimenting with various plant-based ingredients over the years, such as almond milk and sunflower butter, to perfect non-dairy formulations. This pursuit of innovation is driven by a desire to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences while retaining the signature richness and indulgence that is characteristic of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

    Ben & Jerry’s perfected a non-dairy Strawberry Cheezecake to launch the company’s shift to oat milk.

    In a significant development in 2024, Ben & Jerry’s will transition all 19 of its vegan ice cream flavors to an oat milk base. This strategic shift is aimed at improving the overall taste and texture of their non-dairy offerings while also showing dedication to inclusivity, especially for individuals with nut allergies. By choosing oat milk as the new foundation for their vegan flavors, Ben & Jerry’s is aligning with changing consumer preferences and reinforcing its commitment to ensuring that everyone can enjoy non-dairy ice cream without compromising on safety or flavor.