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Ben & Jerry’s is adding two new “core” flavors to its extensive line of Non-Dairy desserts: Non-Dairy Bananas Foster and Non-Dairy Boom Chocolatta

    Ben & Jerry's

    As the #1 producer of super premium non-dairy desserts, Ben & Jerry’s knows what’s at the core of non-dairy fan love: variety! Today, the company added two more core flavors to its extensive collection of certified vegan, non-dairy choices.

    Non-Dairy Boom Chocolatta is a mocha and caramel frozen delight with fudge flakes, gluten-free chocolate cookies and a gluten-free chocolate cookie core. Non-Dairy Bananas Foster has a banana and cinnamon base with almond toffee pieces and a salted caramel core.

    Both flavors have a center of spoonable euphoria that goes straight down the middle of the pint. “Core” flavors are the result of a Ben & Jerry’s innovation that allows treat lovers to customize each bite.

    Ben & Jerry's
    Ben & Jerry’s now offers 18 non-dairy flavors. That’s almost 40% of the company’s entire flavor lineup!

    “We know that people who choose non-dairy frozen desserts love variety,” said Dena Wimette, Head of Innovation for Ben & Jerry’s. “They want to avoid dairy and still have amazing taste. These two new non-dairy flavors will satisfy their cravings for something different and delicious.”

    Ben & Jerry’s began making non-dairy frozen desserts in 2016, due to popular demand. There was even a petition from Ben & Jerry’s fans pleading their case! Since then, the company’s non-dairy strategy has been to offer classic favorites with an almond or sunflower base, and some brand-new flavors created exclusively for the non-dairy line.

    Boom Chocolatta and Bananas Foster bring Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy options to a total of 18 in the US—almost 40% of Ben & Jerry’s entire flavor line-up. In addition to being non-dairy and vegan, both new additions are also certified gluten-free. “Our flavor gurus believe in creating concoctions for all,” said Wimette. “We want everyone to be able to have some Ben & Jerry’s joy, including those who choose gluten-free,” said Wimette.