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Z Natural Foods announces new Organic Oat Milk Powder

Oat milk is one of the most nutritious and versatile plant-derived types of milk. For that reason, oat milk has recently become a very popular alternative to traditional dairy milk, second only to almond milk, even surpassing soy milk, cashew milk, and coconut milk. 

Oat Milk is a natural source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals while being smooth and easy to digest with no saturated fat or cholesterol. Non-dairy and gluten-free, Oat Milk is often recommended for lactose intolerance, gastrointestinal problems, or as an alternative to dairy beverages. Oat milk is also a common beverage for people choosing a vegan lifestyle.

“Our customers tell us they enjoy our organic oat milk powder because they love how easy it mixes with water,” reports Jonathan Parker, Director of Nutrition and Research for Z Natural Foods. “They also really like that the oat milk retains all the same nutrition from the oats.”

Oats naturally contain a compound called beta-glucans, which is also found in certain mushrooms, including shiitake and maitake mushrooms, and has been studied for immune-boosting benefits.

“Just like our organic rolled oats, oat milk powder is a nutritionally dense food packed with nutrients like calcium, zinc, vitamin B, Vitamin E, and beta-glucans,” Parker says. “But the most popular reasons for choosing our oat milk powder is the non-dairy and high fiber content resulting in a slower absorption similar to eating a bowl of oats.”