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Wonka Candy returns with new Wonka Magic Hat Gummies

    Ferrera made an exciting announcement earlier today, revealing their plans to resurrect the beloved Willy Wonka brand for a unique offering of delectable gummy candies, accompanied by a captivating contest to coincide with the upcoming film’s release. As depicted in the image on the packaging, prepare to embark on a whimsical journey with “Wonka Magic Hat Gummies,” paying tribute to the iconic character’s distinctive fashion sense. These gummies promise to tantalize your taste buds and provide an opportunity for pure, unadulterated snacking enjoyment.

    The visual resemblance to Gushers is striking, but a closer inspection reveals that these Wonka Magic Hat Gummies boast a more substantial gel filling rather than a liquid core. This limited-edition candy sensation is destined to be ephemeral, available briefly. However, during its fleeting presence on the market, candy enthusiasts will have the privilege of indulging in four tantalizing fruity flavors: Strawberry Watermelon, Raspberry Grape, Orange Strawberry, and the enigmatic Magic Berries. The latter, exclusive to the Hat-shaped gummies, adds an extra layer of mystery with its ever-changing surprise flavor within each piece.

    With the release of Wonka slated for December 1st, candy lovers can rest assured that they will have the pleasure of savoring these delightful gummies for several months leading up to the film’s premiere. For those eager to learn more about Ferrera’s exciting Willy Wonka revival, the company has graciously provided a statement regarding this new venture, and we have all the intriguing details about the accompanying contest outlined below.

    “For decades, the name ‘Wonka’ has been synonymous with sweet treats that bring joy, wonder, and the magic of childhood to people of all ages,” said Greg Guidotti, Chief Marketing Officer at Ferrara Candy Co. “And with the anticipation of the new Wonka movie, we are excited to help bring the film to life through the return of the Wonka brand to sugar confections with the new Magic Hat Gummies. With this innovation, our goal is to create fun and imaginative experiences through candy that offers fans a little bit of magic with every bite.”

    “Additionally, with the launch of this new candy treat, Ferrara and Warner Bros. are bringing the magical world of “Wonka” directly to fans with the ‘Dream It & Do It’ text to win sweepstakes. With every purchase, fans will receive $5 in movie rewards to see the movie in person (while supplies last) and have the chance to win a Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Deluxe Tour for four people and other great prizes. Simply text ‘WONKA’ to the code (811811) located on packs of Wonka Magic Hat Gummies to be automatically entered to win.

    Wonka will have several musical numbers in the film, something teased by Chalamet’s co-star Keegan-Michael Key.

    “He has seven musical numbers and I have two, one of them is a group number and another is a smaller group number,” Key explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “I would agree with all the adjectives Timothée used, and I would also like to add the words ‘wondrous’ and ‘a little bit epic.’ It’s a nice, big, full, beautiful piece of art and Paul King, who directed it, is a delightful human being who has this wonderful, childlike heart. He was the perfect person to direct the project.”

    Beginning September 1, Wonka Magic Hat Gummies will be available at Walmart stores and then at retailers nationwide from September 28, for a limited time only. The fruity gummies come in both 4 oz and 6 oz bags at a suggested retail price between $1.99 and $3.69. Prices may vary.”

    Wonka is set to be released exclusively in theaters on December 15th. For more info about the new Wonka movie, visit