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Mayo/coffee creator Will Levis gets a lifetime (supply) deal with Hellmann’s

    Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is making waves with an extraordinary partnership with the renowned athlete and avid mayonnaise aficionado, Will Levis. The Tennessee Titans quarterback won the admiration, and perhaps a few raised eyebrows, of fans when he fearlessly expressed his affection for mayonnaise by blending it into his morning coffee. In a testament to Levis’ exceptional skills and unwavering affection for our luscious condiment, Hellmann’s is proud to announce an unprecedented agreement: a lifetime provision of mayonnaise, showcasing their profound appreciation for his love of our creamy delight.

    Prepare to be inspired as Hellmann’s and Will Levis invite you to explore the uncharted culinary territory where mayonnaise knows no bounds, and discover how this seemingly simple condiment can elevate your cooking to extraordinary heights.

    The surprising fusion of mayonnaise and coffee unexpectedly propelled Levis to newfound fame in the world of condiments. He’s not only embraced this unusual combination but has also wholeheartedly welcomed the world to share in his mayonnaise adventures, with jars of this creamy delight being the key to this flavorful journey. Together, the iconic brand Hellmann’s and the condiment connoisseur Will Levis have formed an extraordinary partnership, forged by their shared love for this versatile and delectable culinary creation.

    This partnership is set to break new ground in the culinary world, as it is driven by their mutual passion for the endless possibilities of mayonnaise. Fans and food enthusiasts alike can look forward to an exciting array of groundbreaking recipes showcased on Hellmann’s official website and across their various social media channels. These recipes will go beyond the ordinary, offering imaginative and innovative ways to incorporate mayonnaise into virtually any dish imaginable. What makes this collaboration even more special is that each recipe bears the seal of approval from none other than Will Levis himself, the man who turned the mayonnaise-coffee combo into a sensation.

    “I’ll admit I did not expect my mayonnaise and coffee combination to go viral – but I’m glad it did because it brought this partnership to life,” said Will Levis. “Hellmann’s is a staple ingredient for me and getting to show my fans how to use it in different ways, whether it’s game day dishes or mixing it in my coffee, knowing I’ll have the mayonnaise in my fridge for a lifetime is a dream come true. “

    “We are thrilled about this groundbreaking lifetime supply partnership with Will Levis, the first of its kind for Hellmann’s, that truly captures his love for mayonnaise,” said Chris Symmes, Marketing Director, Dressings & Condiments at Unilever Nutrition North America. “His viral mayonnaise-in-coffee sensation caught our attention – but above all – we hope our collaboration with Will serves as a reminder of the incredible versatility of our product. Hellmann’s is an essential Game Day, and every day, ingredient, capable of elevating and bringing new life to your favorite foods…and even drinks.”

    Hellmann’s has a rich history of being a part of those unforgettable game day experiences, whether it’s as a crucial ingredient in beloved tailgate classics like Buffalo Chicken Dip and delectable sandwich spreads, or as a participant in major sporting events like the Big Game while also championing the crucial cause of reducing food waste at home.

    Now, with this exciting new partnership and the groundbreaking lifetime supply contract with Will Levis, Hellmann’s is taking its commitment to a whole new level. The brand is dedicated to being an integral and meaningful presence in these cherished moments, enhancing the enjoyment of watch parties and tailgates for fans throughout the entire season.

    Stay tuned to Hellmann’s social media channels for updates on the next thrilling football moment coming this autumn, as the brand continues to bring deliciousness and excitement to the world of sports and gatherings.