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Whole Roasted Crickets: The Food of the Future

    Soon in the future, everybody will be snacking on crickets. According to the United Nations, crickets are 20 times more resource-efficient than cows when raised as a source of protein. Eating a whole cricket will most likely turn off many Western consumers.

    Exo Protein from Texas wants you to be ahead of the curve and try their three-flavored whole-roasted crickets. The crickets come in Texas BBQ, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Sriracha.

    Airy, crunchy, and delicious, our seasoned Whole Roasted Crickets are great to eat because they are a gluten-free, nutrient-rich, environmentally friendly alternative to the average unhealthy snack.

    The only thing about these types of snacks is that I am having a hard time convincing my wallet to part with my hard-earned cash to buy these pricey food items. When prices come down and are cheaper alternatives, then earth-friendly companies will have an easier time selling these items. Right now, it is more of a curiosity than anything.