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The Volkswagon Bulli Cool Box

    The VW Bulli T1 from the 1960s was the cult car of the love & peace generation. Now it’s back on the road: As a cool transporter, in which you can carry your drinks, snacks, salads, etc. while keeping them ice cold. It’s a genuine eye-catcher for every picnic, camping, or party location but also makes a cool decorative item at a buffet.

    True to detail and made of steel, with genuine car paint and all-terrain rubber wheels.
    This one cannot be compared with a simple plastic VW Bulli. Like the real old-timer, this T1 is made from molded steel (0.5mm) with the classic paint in dual-color red/creamy white. The VW emblem, headlights, bumpers and trims shine like chrome. The deep profile, solid rubber white-wall tires (12.5cm (4.9″) diameter) and chrome-plated wheels emphasize the authentic look.

    The double-walled cooling department maintains its temperature for up to 12 hours. Easily accessible through the top.

    Instead of 9 seats, the van has a huge 26-liter loading space. A 2cm (0.8″) hollow space between the body and the plastic lining ensures the temperature remains constant. The snap-on lid perfectly seals the interior. Stack it with pre-chilled beer, wine, champagne, juice as well as fruits, salads and snacks; even 1-liter bottles can stand upright. Then add ice packs – the ideal cooling method. A drain plug in the bottom prevents stagnant water.

    Front-wheel steering and sturdy, retractable handle: Easy to maneuver.

    Even when heavily loaded, the Bulli runs smoothly, even on bumpy roads. After use simply push the rod (91 x 3cm (35.8″ x 1.2″)) back underneath the bottom plate to keep it neatly out of sight. Size 79 x 33 x 37.5cm (31.1″ x 13″ x 14.8″) (L x W x H). Weight 11.5kg (25.4 lbs). Capacity 26 liters. Simply rinse to clean.

    Fun Fact: In the hit TV show Lost, a group known as the ‘DHARMA Initiative’ used several Volkswagen Type 2 vans to transport people and supplies around the Island.