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The Tinned Tomatoes Cookbook: 100 Everyday Recipes Using the Most Versatile Ingredient in Your Kitchen

    Celebrated author and beloved figure in the British food media scene, Samuel Goldsmith, in collaboration with Murdoch Books, invites you to embark on a culinary journey that involves reaching for your can opener. Their shared vision is to inspire and encourage home cooks to explore the limitless possibilities of incorporating tinned tomatoes into their daily culinary repertoire. With a collection of 100 everyday recipes carefully curated by Goldsmith, this collaboration showcases the incredible versatility of the humble yet indispensable tinned tomato—an ingredient that stands at the heart of countless delicious dishes. So, grab your can opener, and let the tantalizing world of flavors and culinary creativity unfold as you discover new and exciting ways to make the most of this kitchen essential.

    Take a tin of tomatoes and you have the start of a tasty, easy meal. Tinned tomatoes are endlessly versatile and super budget-friendly. With a handful of other ingredients, many of which you’ll already have in your cupboards or which can easily be picked up on your way home, you can whip up recipes such as prawn and coconut curry, chicken and chorizo pie, halloumi and Mediterranean vegetable traybake, tuna pasta bake, three types of chili and course lots of pasta sauces.

    During the 19th century in Europe, notably in England, tomatoes acquired the moniker “Devil’s Fruit” owing to a widespread misunderstanding that portrayed them as poisonous. This misperception arose from the classification of tomatoes within the nightshade family, a group that encompasses some toxic plants. However, perceptions have evolved, and today, the once-dreaded “Devil’s Fruit” has undergone a remarkable transformation in public opinion. In contemporary times, tomatoes have not only shed their ominous reputation but have become universally beloved. The prevailing sentiment towards these vibrant fruits has shifted from fear to admiration, as people now embrace and relish the many culinary delights tomatoes offer.

    In 1847, the initiation of tomato processing marked a pivotal moment in culinary history, thanks to the inventive efforts of Harrison Woodhull Crosby. Serving as the chief gardener at Lafayette College, Crosby ingeniously devised an early form of canning tomatoes, setting the stage for a transformative chapter in food preservation. Before the turn of the 19th century, the entire process of canning tomatoes was a labor-intensive manual endeavor, with every step meticulously executed by hand. This period before 1890 witnessed the dedication and craftsmanship of individuals engaged in the art of preserving tomatoes through a meticulous hands-on approach.

    Easy weeknight dishes based on a tin of tomatoes, including lots of recipes that save you time, money and energy.

    Pick a chapter to suit you – Storecupboard Saviours; Pasta Sauces; One-Pot Wonders; Family Feasts; Midweek Marvels; Snacks, Sides and Sauces – and select a recipe according to your dietary requirements, time constraints, or batch-cooking needs. This will soon become the most-used cookbook in your kitchen!

    Samuel Goldsmith is a Food Editor at Immediate Media, where he works on the UK’s No.1 food media brand. He has over 10 years of experience working in the food and drink industry as an editor, writer, educator and cook. He has written features and recipes, developed recipes, and styled shoots for national and international publications such as Delicious, Waitrose Kitchen and Australian Delicious; consulted on several best-selling food and drink books; and was a nutritional consultant for BBC’s Eat Well for Less. He is a founding director of award-winning CIC, 91 Ways, and, more recently, he was elected Chair of the Guild of Food Writers.