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The Dunkin’ Spider Makes Triumphant Return For Halloween

    The Dunkin’ Spider is making a triumphant return just in time for Halloween! Beginning on October 3, 2023, Dunkin’ is set to launch its inaugural Dunkin’ inflatable, and it’s a showstopper – a towering six-foot-tall Spider Donut Inflatable, meticulously crafted in the likeness of their beloved Spider Donut.

    • The retuning Spider Donut is made with a yeast donut frosted with orange icing and topped with a chocolate glazed Munchkins donut hole treat to resemble a spider, with chocolate drizzle for spider legs and white drizzle for spider eyes.
    • The classic Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Frosted donuts are getting the Halloween treatment, topped with chocolate and orange sprinkles for a limited time only.

    This delightful, illuminated inflatable is not just a decorative piece; it’s a testament to Dunkin’s venture into the world of Halloween decor, marking its first significant foray into this spooktacular market. Whether you want to adorn your porch, spruce up your lawn, create a festive focal point on your front stoop, or even transform your living room into a Halloween wonderland, this larger-than-life, glowing Spider Donut Inflatable is sure to steal the show.

    “Our Spider Donut has increasingly become a symbol of the Halloween spirit here at Dunkin’”

    “Our Spider Donut has increasingly become a symbol of the Halloween spirit here at Dunkin’,” said Kemma Kefalas, Director of Brand Engagement at Dunkin’. “Every October, we watch our guests celebrate the spooky season with Spider Donuts in hand. This year, we wanted to create a new and out-of-the-donut-box way for Spider Donut super fans to showcase their love for the season with this inflatable masterpiece.”

    Embodying the spirit of the Dunkin’ brand and the fun-loving essence of Halloween, this inflatable is a must-have for any donut lover or anyone looking to add a touch of Dunkin’ charm to their Halloween decor. You can get your very own Dunkin’ Spider Donut Inflatable by visiting, ensuring that your Halloween celebrations are filled with delight and Dunkin’ goodness.