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Dunkin’s Spider Donuts are creepy, crawly, and yummy

    Dunkin's Spider Donuts

    Dunkin’s Spider Donut is returning to Dunkin’s Halloween spread. A yeast donut frosted with orange icing and topped with a glazed chocolate MUNCHKINS donut hole treat resembles a fa-boo-lous spider, with chocolate drizzle for the spider legs and orange drizzle for the eyes. The rest of Dunkin’s donuts will be haunting the menu from midnight to morning, dressed up in the colors of the season and decorated with orange icing drizzles and sprinkles. All Halloween donuts are now available at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide through Halloween.

    Dunkin's Spider Donuts

    When we developed the Spider Donut in the Dunkin’ Test Kitchen, we wanted to incorporate classic Halloween colors and themes. Naturally, we were drawn to deep orange and chocolate colors for the ingredients. With that image in mind, we tried different flavor and color combinations to make the most boo-tiful (and tasty) designs.  Our culinary team had lots of fun coming up with the frighteningly festive Halloween Spider Donut.

    These specialty Halloween donuts are frosted with orange icing and topped with a hair-raising eight-legged donut creature, made from a glazed chocolate MUNCHKINS donut hole treat, chocolate drizzle spider legs, and white drizzle eyes.