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The best way to break up is buying ice-cream for your soon to be ex

    break-up ice-cream

    It is quite callous to break up by texting the other person.  Well, there is a better way to break up. Send them either “It’s over.“, “I can’t do this.” and “We’re done.” ice-cream Breakup Pints. Think that’s cold. You might be right but at least you get ice cream out of it.  Vancouver-based Nora’s Non-Dairy ice cream is making being jilted a good thing. The Breakup Pints come in three personalized containers and flavors, you can write the person’s name on the tub.

    Just found out that your new fling listens to Nickelback and/or eats pizza with a fork. Let us help you end things on a sweet note limited edition Breakup Pints are available now, only at @befreshlocal Cypress until supplies last.

    Fun Fact: The real word for brain freeze is sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia.