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RamenHaus: Gets Their Haus in Proper Ramen Order

    RamenHaus, is the ultimate destination for an ever-evolving ramen experience, 54 delectable bowls documented, savored, and shared, RamenHaus is your gateway to the world of dynamic ramen creations.

    ramen guitar noodles 1

    Ramen Noodles Guitar is electrifying

      Here is one guitar that looks appetizing. Artem Mayer, the creator of this guitar used 36 packs of ramen noodles and 5 liters of polyester to forge a Ramen Noodle guitar. 36 packs of ramen noodles equal a month’s supply of a college kid’s supper. I just want to take a bite out of it.

      ramen noodles 1

      Instant ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

        Nissin wants you to have noodles all day. Chow down from morning to evening with their new line of All-in Noodles series. You will now live in a Soylent Green futuristic world of ramen noodles. The new noodles will be introduced on August 19 this year. These noodles will take a bit longer to cook.

        Wagyu Pastrami Sando 1

        Wagyu Pastrami Sando

          Did I die and go to delicatessen heaven? Shalom Japan is a mutual marriage of Ashkenazi Jewish and Japanese fusion cuisine. How can you go wrong with dishes such as matzoh-ball ramen, mochi blintzes, and okonomiyaki topped with corned lamb tongue and sauerkraut? It’s only natural for chefs and owners Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi to delight the world with this offshoot restaurant. Just look at that pastrami sandwich, it screams, eat me! The Wagyu Pastrami Sando is the best combo the cultural diversity that the couple has to offer to unsuspecting stomachs in Brooklyn, New York. Where else did you expect to find Shalom Japan?

          Nissin Death Metal commercial 1

          Nissin Death Metal Ramen Commercial

            Nissin takes a wild riff with their Ramen noodles by spicing them up with a “death metal” commercial that’s hotter than a dragon’s breath in a jalapeño factory!

            Pringles Top Ramen Chicken Flavor 1

            Pringles Top Ramen Chicken Flavor are Back!

              They are back! Pringles Top Ramen Chicken Flavor can be found exclusively at Dollar General. Just imagine the seasoning sachet found with ramen noodles drenched in regular Pringles. Not my cup of tea.