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Instant ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    Nissin wants you to have noodles all day. Chow down from morning to evening with their new line of All-in Noodles series. You will now live in a Soylent Green futuristic world of ramen noodles. The new noodles will be introduced on August 19 this year. These noodles will take a bit longer to cook.

    “Each packet of instant ramen includes over a third of the body’s daily requirements for 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals, protein, and dietary fiber. That might seem impossible, but the noodles used for All-in Noodles are no simple strands of starch. Instead, each noodle has a nutrient-packed core with a standard noodle coating, which Nissin says preserves the texture and flavor of the noodle while also reducing the number of carbohydrates by 40 percent compared to ordinary ramen.”

    Fun Fact: Instant ramen has been linked to heart attacks and diabetes.