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General Mills

trix trax with marshmallows 1

The New Trix Trax cereal will be out soon!

    Trix are not only for kids but also for dinosaurs silly rabbit! General Mills’ brand new officially licensed movie tie-in cereal should keep Jurassic World fans happy.

    general mills lucky charms cinnamon toast crunch mix cereal 1

    General Mills’ New Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Lucky Charms Mix cereal headed to grocery stores

      Cerealously! General Mills is at it again with a mix of their popular cereals. Introducing, Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Lucky Charms Mix cereal. Sorry, there is nothing new here. As a kid, I always combined two different cereals when I did not have enough for a complete bowl. They are available for a limited time. If you enjoy the remix so much you might as well combine them yourself.

      resses puffs cluster crunch 1 1

      REESE’S PUFFS teams up with iconic artist KAWS

        Continuing in its trajectory of partnering with some of the most relevant creative minds of popular culture, REESE’S PUFFS cereal is now teaming up with renowned artist KAWS. Together, they are releasing KAWSPUFFS, a new AR game, which is accessed via two limited-edition boxes designed by KAWS.

        general mills x Netflix serial scaled 1

        Stranger Things happened to General Mills

          The Stranger Things machine is rolling out merchandise to please fans who love the show. Netflix is temporarily opening two Stranger Things Pop-Up Stores, one store in Los Angeles and New York. General Mills is releasing a limited run of their top three cereal brands. The boxes of Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms are loaded with easter eggs on the boxes. Look for other non-food Stranger Things merchandise to flood the market with the delight of many fans who have been patiently waiting for the fourth season.

          monster mash cereal 1

          General Mills 50th Anniversary ‘Monster Mash’ Cereal

            This year marks the 50th anniversary of General Mills’ Monster Cereals lineup, which began with the launch of chocolate-flavored Count Chocula and strawberry-flavored Franken Berry cereals in 1971. The blueberry-flavored cereal Boo Berry followed shortly after, premiering in 1973. Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy, which were introduced in 1974 and 1988 respectively, will make their returns in the Monster Mash cereal after both being discontinued in 2014.

            elf cereal general mills 1 1

            General Mills Releasing Buddy the Elf Cereal

              Hallmark already announced their Christmas line-up of 24/7 Christmas movies. General Mills is not far behind with the release of an official release of “Elf” cereal. The sugar-laced cereal is yet another in a long list of pop culture cross-promotion products to hook kids at heart longing for nostalgia. Elf cereal is sweetened corn puffs with holiday tree marshmallows with flavored maple syrup and other natural flavors. The limited-edition Elf Cereal will be on shelves in time for the holidays.

              monster cereal 1

              The brief history of the General Mills Monster cereals

                In March 1971, General Mills unleashed Count Chocula and Franken Berry onto breakfast tables with their sugar-laced cereals.
                In February 1972, Franken Berry cereal joined the gang of cereals. The three remained constant throughout the years.
                Fruit Brute joined the fold in 1974 but was discontinued by 1982 and replaced in 1987 by Fruity Yummy Mummy, which was discontinued in 1992.

                cinnamon toast crunch churros 1

                Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros!

                  Usually churros are carnival food. Lately, they are appearing everything. It’s only natural that General Mill’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch would incorporate churros as an offshoot of their popular cereal brand. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros are great with milk but also yummy as a stand-alone snack.

                  hamburger helper hand 1

                  Mascot: Hamburger Helper Helping Hand

                    Hamburger Helper mascot must be the most famous left-hander. He was introduced in 1977. He is also known as the Helping Hand or “Lefty.” The mascot was created because of lagging sales. Sales took off right after the commercials aired. It’s estimated that more than 1 million households eat Hamburger Helper for dinner each weeknight.
                    Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has been the voice of Hamburger Helper Hand since 2010.