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fried chicken

Is this fried chicken or ice cream?

    Chef Cynthia Wong from Life Raft Treats has ingeniously crafted a delightful confection that resembles savory fried chicken but is ingeniously composed of sweet components, including ice cream, chocolate, cookie, and cornflakes.

    jacks new unchicken sandwich 1

    Scent of Fried Chicken Mask

      Seems this week the scented mask is making the rounds. Jack in the Box has the chicken-scented mask. It smells like fried chicken. What’s next the Filet-O-Fish scented mask?

      KFC Firelogs are back 1

      KFC firelogs are back!

        Available for a limited time only! Made with 100 percent recycled materials, the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from Enviro-Log is dramatically less wasteful and significantly more effective at making your home smell like fried chicken than burning actual fried chicken. Great gift idea for family and friends!

        kfc fried chicken fire log 1

        KFC’s Fried-Chicken-Scented Fire Log makes your house smell like fried chicken

          The good people at KFC have made a log that smells like fried chicken. Why are you tempting me Colonel Sanders? I think I will pass, each log costs $18.99 plus tax. I will invest in buying a bucket of fried chicken with that money. I do not think this log will comply with my city by-law fireplace emissions. Too bad you can’t make my fireplace channel smell like fried chicken.

          kfc waffle 1

          KFC Canada introduces Waffle Double Down sandwich

            I am speechless. KFC Canada is introducing the Double-Down sandwich with a golden Belgian waffle nestled between two pieces of fried chicken at participating restaurants. Nothing screams Canada more by adding maple aioli sauce to this monstrosity. I think it is a good time to do some cross-border shopping.