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bread as art 1

Bread as Art

    North Carolina-based baker Hannah P. brings art into artisan bread. She sculpts bread with patterns and color. Her bread is out of this world. The bread looks too pretty to eat.

    grocery robot bread machine 1

    Will the Breadbot make bakers’ jobs toast

      One day in the future, you will be able to buy hot fresh bread from a robot. Introducing the Breadbot, the fully automated machine is in house bakery that makes a loaf in six minutes without any baker. Wilkinson Baking Company, the maker of the Breadbot, can bake 235 pieces of bread a day. The Breadbot is more of a spectacle for entertainment.

      put in the sun dried fruits 1 1

      Sultanas of swing: Sun-dried raisin sandwich

        I am sure kids in Australia were jumping with glee knowing their mothers made them a “sultana raisin currant” sandwich for lunch. I guess that’s the easy way to make a raisin bread. What no cinnamon sprinkles?

        toast beer 1

        Making beer out of old bread and other useful tips for stale bread

          We are guilty of this every day. We throw out old bread without a second thought. There are so many useful things you can do with stale bread. Toast Ale cleverly makes beer out of stale bread. They will gladly take it off your hands. It’s their main ingredient.
          According to Toast Ale, we waste almost 900 000 tonnes of the stuff a year, or about 24 million slices every day. In terms of calories, that’s enough to pull 26 million people out of malnutrition. Half of this is wasted from our homes.

          solrug bread 1

          Norwegian bread brand releases Solrug innovative bread bag design

            Being innovative in the bread business is pretty hard to do considering the limitations what you can do with a bag or just industry staleness. All a bread has to be is nestled in a bag. Not much room for creativity, unless you are Norwegian “Finnish” rye bread maker Solrug. They hired Rami Niemi to redesign the plain old boring bread bag into something cool. Will it entice you to buy the bread? It will definitely get a second look in an aisle of bland bread bags. I’d buy it just for the bag.

            when bread is baked 1

            Bread Freshness Decoded by Color Tags

              Ever wonder why bagged bread have different color tags? There is a simple answer to that. Each color represents the day the bread was baked in the bakery. It’s easier for grocery store workers to identify the bread.