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Sultanas of swing: Sun-dried raisin sandwich

    I am sure kids in Australia were jumping with glee knowing their mothers made them a “sultana raisin currant” sandwich for lunch. I guess that’s the easy way to make raisin bread. What no cinnamon sprinkles?

    “Lift lunches out of every day. Add the chewy “eat ’em all up” flavor and goodness of sun-dried sultanas, raisins, or currants. They’re wonderful in sandwiches by themselves or combined with other fillings. Also, you’re providing abundant low-cost minerals and vitamins—calcium, iron, thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin.” (Weird Universe) The Australian Women’s Weekly-March 29, 1967 ad.

    Sneaky bastards, they finally got you eating those raisins when your mom included a tiny red box of raisins in your lunch box.  Little did mom know the little red boxes made great whistles to annoy your teachers. Thanks, mom!

    Fun Fact: Sun-Maid introduces the first licensed raisin bread in 1980.