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Bread Freshness Decoded by Color Tags

    Ever wonder why bagged bread has different color tags? There is a simple answer to that. Each color represents the day the bread was baked in the bakery.  It’s easier for grocery store workers to identify the bread. Admit it, you love to squeeze the bread to test for freshness. Next time just look at the color of the quick-lock tag. The scheme is quite easy to follow, and the colors run in alphabetical order. This is an industry-standard. Just remember, BGRWY.

    • Blue: Monday
    • Green: Tuesday
    • Red: Thursday
    • White: Friday
    • Yellow: Saturday

    If you only see two colors in your store. That means they deliver the bread twice a week. Congratulations, you just decoded the world of bread and outsmarted your grocery clerk.  Never buy a blue-tagged bag on a Friday!

    There are some bakeries that do not play by the rules and have one color tag, but usually, that is rare. The BGRWY system is quite universal.

    The cat is out of the bag or should I say the bread is. Pass this along to your friends. You will be a hero.

    Fun Fact: The bread clip was invented by Floyd G. Paxton of Yakima, Washington. He is said to have invented his “Kwik Lock closure” on a flight in 1952 when he opened a bag of peanuts and had no way to close them.