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Black Label

Breathable Bacon Mask 1

Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Mask

    Imagine taking a whiff of bacon from your mask all day at work. It is bad enough I smell my own coffee breath. Hormel wants you to enjoy the sweet smell of bacon all day long. They have created a bacon-scented breathable mask. Hey, at least if I do contract Covis-19, I will be satisfied knowing I will die with bacon in my nostrils. These masks will be sizzlers.

    Johnnie Walker Black Label The Jane Walker Edition 1

    Limited run: Johnnie Walker whisky puts Jane Walker on Black Label

      Move over Johnnie and let Jane take over. Black Label is releasing a limited run of Jane Walker whiskey bottles. This the first time a female version of the Johnnie Walker brand has been replaced. Will more women gravitate to the whiskey maker with the makeover?
      This in not the first time a company has replaced an iconic character to please the female buyer. This is just a temporary change to the “striding man” logo to lure women into the fold. The release coincides with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, which is on March 8. Will women stop or will they keep walking?