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Sun-Maid says it’s a villain on Halloween

    Sun-Maid says it’s a villain on Halloween

    If Sun-Maid‘s marketing department has its way this Halloween, it will make a lot of kids angry with them. Sun-Maid is using reverse psychology in admitting that it is an anti-candy villain in your Halloween candy bag. Nothing like getting raisins for Halloween.

    I would rather get a rock over Sun-Maid raisins!

    Fernando Herrera, head of marketing for Sun-Maid, admits the company’s reputation as the biggest trick-or-treat buzzkill every Halloween. So this brainiac harnessed that information to weaponize awareness out there. If this works, kids in the future will be getting more raisins for Halloween. You are a mean one, Mr. Herrera.

    Fernando Herrera is raisin hell

    Fernando Herrera: “What are raisins’ role in Halloween?” we would have said, “We are the alternative to sugary snacks, we’re better for you, blah blah blah.” We authentically believe that. But what we failed to appreciate is the fact that nobody wants raisins for Halloween, honestly.

    We took our authenticity in a different direction. Rather than being authentic about the benefits of our food, we’re authentic about recognizing that we don’t have to be loved every single day. Halloween is that day where we’re comfortable saying, you know what? The scariest thing about Halloween is getting freaking raisins.

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