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Spudsy Positioned for Continued Chip Aisle Domination

    Spudsy chips

    At Spudsy, upcycling is the name of the game and saving the spud means taking the 150,000,000 pounds of sweet potatoes that generally end up in landfills due to minor ‘flaws’ like shape, size, and color and transforming them into an addictive snack for the whole family. These new funds will accelerate Spudsy‘s growth and passion for upcycling by providing capital to enter new sales channels and reach new customers. The brand also plans on utilizing these funds to develop its sales and marketing strategies and build out its DTC channel. Tripling in sales every year since its inception, Spudsy is primed for growth as a proven hit snack among consumers who are looking to purchase foods that offer great taste while supporting a good cause.

    All Spudsy Sweet Potato Snacks are totally vegan and totally delicious!

    “It was really important to our team that we find partners that share the same vision, passion and goals as we do around making snacks that taste good and do good for the environment,” said Ashley Rogers, CEO of Spudsy. “KarpReilly and Stage 1 Fund really understand our mission and as a result of their vast network of industry experts we have been able to scale our brand at a more rapid pace.”

    Spudsy is inspired by our ability to deliver delicious snacks rooted in sustainable practices that help reduce food waste and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

    Spudsy is one of the most exciting emerging food brands on the market and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to be a partner to them,” said Billy Logan, Partner at Karp Reilly. We are looking forward to helping the brand continue its growth and product innovation.  

    But what exactly is upcycling? It is the process of transforming unwanted waste materials into new materials or products of better quality with environmental value.

    Spudsy‘s delicious, upcycled snacks are available to purchase in-store at select Kroger locations and online at To follow the brand’s journey to #savethespud, check out their Instagram, @spudsyfoods.