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Shark Bait: Limited-edition ICEE new dessert for Golden Corral diners

    Golden Corral restaurants across the nation are offering a new ICEE dessert for Shark Week fans to enjoy. Get ready to chill with this exciting treat!

    Released just in time for the annual celebration, the limited-edition Shark Bait ICEE flavor is swimming to tables as the base of a new dessert for Golden Corral diners. Available now through Sept. 3, the refreshing ICEE Fanta Blue Raspberry flavor has been renamed ‘Shark Bait’ and can be topped with creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream, gummy sharks, and finished with a drizzle of strawberry sauce for a fin-tastic dessert.

    “We are excited to partner with Golden Corral to launch this fin-tastic new dessert,” said Natalie Peterson, Vice President of Marketing at The ICEE Company. “We love it when restaurants get creative with ICEE, with innovative and fun ways to serve it up to their customers in new formats. For those looking to feel like a kid again during Shark Week, this sweet, tasty treat is the perfect dessert to sink your teeth into.”

    “ICEE has been a great partner to Golden Corral,” said Skip Hanke, Chief Marketing Officer at Golden Corral. “Our guests love ICEE desserts, and we are confident they will love this new Shark Bait dessert.”