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Mineragua finds its club soda niche market

    In 1997, Novamex – a well-known Texas beverage manufacturer that has created popular products like Jarritos flavored soda and Sangría Señorial – introduced Mineragua, an innovative drink.

    Originally introduced as Jarritos Mineragua Club Soda, the brand underwent a remarkable transformation in 2021 to align with the current trends, rebranding itself as stylish sparkling water instead of a traditional club soda. As part of its evolution, Novamex embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, which involved not only the name change but also several strategic enhancements.

    “We’re not going to be changing for the sake of changing for the general market,” said Efrain Mendoza, a brand manager at Novamex, who conceded the name is “a little difficult to pronounce.” “We are still true to our roots and it’s something we’re proud of, just the culture behind it.”

    One crucial aspect of this transformation was the thoughtful revamp of Mineragua’s packaging to exude a more modern and appealing image. The company aimed to resonate with its ever-changing consumer base, capturing their attention with an attractive and contemporary visual identity.

    Novamex took a significant step towards streamlining the product’s formulation, optimizing its ingredients list to ensure a pure and refreshing taste. While the company opted not to disclose the specific ingredients eliminated, their efforts centered on accentuating the essential minerals and carbonation that lend Mineragua its distinct and invigorating character.

    ”Our customers, they see what the competition is doing and they ask for flavors,” Mendoza said. “But at the end of the day, we still need to get a little stronger consumer engagement to be able to expand the brand. Let’s stick with what we got right now.”

    By prioritizing the minerals and carbonation, Novamex sought to offer consumers a revitalizing experience with every sip, promoting hydration and a delightful effervescence that leaves a lasting impression.

    Through these strategic changes and continuous efforts to stay relevant and innovative, Mineragua has successfully carved a niche in the competitive beverage market, captivating consumers’ taste buds and quench their thirst for a refreshing and invigorating beverage choice.