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Saturday Morning beer?

    Nothing like drinking beer on Saturday morning after a hangover from the previous day of partying or a long week of work. It’s magically ridiculous as the can says.

    Smartmouth, the makers of this latest IPA wants you to recollect your youth planted in front of a TV watching Saturday morning cartoons. Sure I remember eating my Lucky Charms with beer. What a heavenly combo!

    This latest gimmicky IPA beer from a list of thousands is made from marshmallows. Nothing is more youthful than eating marshmallows. This caters to a certain sector of beer drinkers who want to be part of the geek cool factor.

    From an artistical point of view the packaging looks amazing but at the same time is a lure for younger people to drink to what seems to be a kid-friendly gateway to boozing. Smartmouth is only available in Virginia.

    Fun Fact: In 1975, Lucky was replaced briefly by Waldo the Wizard. Public outcry returned Lucky to his rightful place as spokes-leprechaun.