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Salami Chips are the greatest thing since sliced bread

    baked salami chips

    Salami Chips? Yes carnivores, there is such a thing. Tell me you never had this happen to you. You have a pepperoni pizza and the top pepperonis are nice and crisp that curl into a nice constancy. That is heavenly. Now imagine salami slices baked just like that in a pouch. You brand it as salami chips. You dunk that sucker into your favorite sauce. Now I ask you, is there bacon in heaven? Oh, not enough. How about salami fries? Get out of here! Oh, it’s a thing. Is this not enough incentive to move to Canada? Poutine, salami chips, and fries. What else do you need? Between you and me, please do not tell my cardiologist that I am nibbling on Salami Chips.

    salami fries

    This diabolical duo of Salami Chips and Salami Fries is created by Agri-Food Innovators’ award-winning Canadian company Sanada Foods for their unique creations. Are those Canucks crazy or what? The proudly Canadian company uses only the finest local premium meat, herbs, and spices. Sanada Foods does not tolerate gluten and ensure that their meat snacks are free to enjoy as a healthy snack. There is no way in hell you will bring these over the border, you will finish them way before crossing over the 49th parallel and beyond.

    Fun Fact: Salami is a sausage that first came from Italy. The name comes from the Italian salare meaning to make something salty. The original salami was made from a mix of chopped pork and salt which was dried using air in a casing.