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Bake me a Cat by Kim Joy is “purrfect” for kitten-cuddlers

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    Bake Me a Cat showcases the cutest bakes you will ever see, all celebrating our favorite pet. With brand new recipes for cakes, cookies, desserts, bread, and more, plus vegan and gluten-free options, it’s the kitchen essential for every kitten-cuddler.

    Feline fans will love this collection of 50 a-miaow-zing cat-themed creations.

    bake me a cat

    Kim-Joy is an expert in creating gorgeous animal-themed bakes, and her adorable feline characters have a purrsonality all of their own. Catering for a range of skills levels, whether you fancy baking Tiger Buns, Meow Bao, Kit-tea Scones, or a Happy Purrrrthday Cake, bring joy to your cooking, and a smile to every cat owner’s face with Bake Me a Cat!

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    Kim-Joy made it to the final of the Great British Baking Show 2018 with her unique, intricate baked creations that captured the hearts of the nation as well as Prue and Paul. Her beautifully decorated cakes – along with her calmness and vibrant positivity – put a smile on everyone’s face and Kim-Joy has since earned a legion of baking fans around the world.

    Fun Fact: The likelihood of your cat wanting to eat cake regularly is fairly small as research has proven that they lack the receptors to taste sweetness. The only reason some cats seem to go mad for a piece of cake is for the fat content—cats can smell fat a mile off.