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Make Red Lobster’s April Fools’ New Breadsticks Joke Real!

    April Fools’ Day has passed, leaving in its wake a trail of mischief and gullibility. People across the internet found themselves either the perpetrators or the victims of pranks, while food establishments seized the opportunity to engage with their fans and attract new attention. Among them, Red Lobster stood out with its playful antics. They teased the idea of transforming their beloved Cheddar Bay biscuits into breadsticks, much to the delight of their online followers.

    “We’ve won over the hearts and stomachs of our guests for more than 30 years with Cheddar Bay Biscuits and it got us thinking – why isn’t there more Cheddar Bay in the world,” said Sara Bittorf, Chief Experience Officer at Red Lobster. “So, we’re introducing a whole new level of ‘dough-liciousness’ to the table and have no doubt our new Cheddar Bay Breadsticks will rise to the occasion.”

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    The seafood chain was just kidding, but social media is not. They want their Cheddar Bay breadsticks!

    Since the breadsticks made their grand entrance on April 1st, it naturally came with a caveat: the fresh addition to the Cheddar Bay lineup was exclusively offered for a single day at the Red Lobster outlet in New York City’s Times Square. This presented a unique chance for fans of the iconic Cheddar Bay biscuits, but it was a missed opportunity for those outside of New York.

    What started as a harmless jest soon gained momentum, with fervent demands from the online community for this imagined fusion to become a reality. The line between joke and possibility blurred as enthusiasts clamored for Red Lobster to consider making the unthinkable a tangible menu item. The power of social media turned a whimsical notion into a potential culinary sensation, challenging Red Lobster to reconsider whether their joke might indeed manifest into something more substantial.

    Oh, you didn’t know: Red Lobster’s iconic Cheddar Bay Biscuits were introduced in 1988 by Executive Chef Kurt Hankins, they replaced hushpuppies due to their family-friendly appeal. Originally named “freshly baked, hot cheese garlic bread,” they earned their official title five years later. Today, Red Lobster bakes over a million biscuits daily, cementing their status as a beloved comfort food.