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Pizza Hut Rolls Out New Pizza-Bagel Mashup In NYC And LA

    Pizza Hut Rolls Out New Pizza-Bagel Mashup In NYC And LA

    Pizza Hut and Yeastie Boys are joining forces to bring you the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel! That’s right, the bagel is stepping out of its breakfast niche and strutting its stuff on the big stage with Pizza Hut. This collaboration isn’t just about food; it’s about breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of culinary creativity. So get ready to sink your teeth into the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel, because it’s not just a snack—it’s a journey into the wild and wonderful world of flavor fusion!

    Pizza Hut’s embrace of this once-overlooked culinary delight has brought it into the spotlight. The history of the pizza bagel traces back to Anthony DeMauro, who first crafted this savory treat in 1957 at Amster’s Bagel Bakery, which sadly shuttered its doors in South Euclid, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. However, it wasn’t until May 26, 1970, that Amster Pizza Bagel, Inc. officially registered the concept of Pizza Bagels with the US Copyright Office, solidifying its place in culinary history.

    A bagel so fluffy and chewy it could double as a pillow, adorned with layers of tangy marinara sauce that make Italian grandmas weep tears of joy. But wait, there’s more! Fresh Parmesan cheese blankets this masterpiece like a cozy quilt, while oregano dances on top like a spicy herb ballet. And the pièce de résistance? Pepperoni, the crown jewel of pizza toppings, is scattered generously across the surface, ensuring each bite is a flavor explosion of epic proportions.

    Pizza Hut Rolls Out New Pizza-Bagel Mashup In NYC And LA

    Prepare to have your taste buds transported to new heights of ecstasy as the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel embarks on its maiden voyage through the bustling streets of Los Angeles and New York City aboard the legendary Yeastie Boys food trucks. It’s a culinary odyssey, set to dazzle and delight the senses at every turn.

    Mark your calendars and clear your schedules, because this gastronomic extravaganza kicks off in grand style at the Rolling Loud music festival in LA, where lucky attendees will have the first opportunity to experience the majesty of the Pizza Bagel phenomenon. From March 15th to the 17th, prepare to be swept away on a whirlwind of flavor as the Yeastie Boys food trucks serve up slices of pure bliss.

    But fear not, Big Apple fans, for the excitement doesn’t stop there! The NYC launch of this Pizza Hut culinary masterpiece is slated for March 22nd and 23rd, promising a weekend of epicurean indulgence that will leave you craving more.

    Pizza Hut Rolls Out New Pizza-Bagel Mashup In NYC And LA

    And for those who find themselves on the sun-kissed streets of LA once again, fear not! The Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel will make a triumphant return from March 22nd to the 24th, ensuring that no pizza enthusiast is left wanting.

    But here’s the cherry on top of this already delicious cake: if you’re fortunate enough to catch one of these iconic food trucks, your taste adventure comes with a tantalizing bonus—your pizza bagel is on the house! Yes, you read that right, FREE pizza bagels for all who dare to embark on this epicurean journey.

    And if luck truly favors you, dear foodie, you might just snag yourself a coveted golden ticket—an elusive prize code that unlocks the door to a world of free pizza or exclusive Yeastie Boys merchandise. So keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds primed, because the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel is about to take the culinary world by storm, one delicious bite at a time.

    Oh, you didn’t know: Bagel Bites, a cherished and universally acknowledged brand, owes its inception to the mouthwatering pizza bagel. These bite-sized treats provide a novel and frozen take on the traditional pizza bagel, rendering them readily available in supermarkets worldwide. In the mid-1980s, the innovative minds of Stanley Garczynski and Bob Mosher crafted Bagel Bites utilizing specially crafted miniature bagels. Their creation catapulted to immediate fame, and shortly thereafter, the entrepreneurial duo from Florida successfully sold the company, marking a remarkable chapter in the brand’s history.