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mac and cheese candy canes 1

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes

    Macaroni and Cheese Candy Canes are a particular favorite of picky eaters. These candy canes taste like your childhood favorite — mac and cheese. It’s like comfort food-flavored comfort food! Macaroni and cheese have become a holiday family tradition in many parts of the country, so why not let our holiday candy reflect that? Each candy cane is 5-1/4″ tall with yellow and white stripes.

    Froot Loops Doughnuts Hardee Carl Jr 1

    Froot Loops and Mini Doughnuts

      Mini donuts in Froot Loops flavors? Can it be true? Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. teamed up with Froot Loops to release Froot Loops Mini Donuts. The five-pack of mini donuts go for just $2 a pop.

      Hershey glow in the dark candy packaging 1

      Hershey’s Glow in the Dark Candy

        Halloween products are creeping ever slowly into stores. Fall is around the corner. Hershey this year has glow in the dark packaging to give that little extra oomph over the competition. Your little ghoulies will have fun with the selected Hershey products that will glow in the dark.

        muncho monster 1

        Muncho Monster

          C is not only for cookies. C is also for chips. Did you know that Jim Henson was hired to do the first Munchos potato chips commercials? He created Arnold the Muncho Monster that predates Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. Maybe Arnold did not love Munchos that much, so he later developed a sweet tooth for cookies.

          poutine in a pitcher 1

          Poutine in a Pitcher

            While a picture is worth a thousand words, this pitcher is worth $22.00. Forget the beer, the cook decided to fill up the pitcher with poutine. Montreal restaurant, Medley Simple Malt, serves up this gut-stuffing decadent meal. I hope they have a long fork to reach down to get the remaining cheese curds. My stomach says yes, but my eyes are reluctant.

            master milkshakes 1

            Master Milkshakes are out of this world

              Master Milkshakes is a retro milkshake syrup company that brings back the innocence of a simpler time. The New Zealand company brews nostalgia for every unsuspecting mouth that craves something unique. Master Milkshakes were created in 2014 by Matt Fitzgerald.

              ice cream in a box

              Ice-Cream in a box?

                Not quite ready for prime-time yet. Ice-cream in the box? I love the idea! Please, can we have some more?