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Oat M!lk chocolate brand, HAPPi launches new Hot Chocolate Spoons

    HAPPi launches new Hot Chocolate Spoons

    Happi is commandeered by original thinkers Gavin, Lee & Rosie. As parents to small children and as people who love good food, we had been thinking for a while that what was missing from life (and the supermarket shelves) was top quality, healthier and FUN free treats that we would be happy to feed our kids and enjoy ourselves…

    “We know how hard it is for those following a plant-based diet to find delicious and indulgent hot chocolate options and some people don’t always like the same milk alternatives,” explained Gavin Cox, Founder of HAPPi.

    “We’ve developed these hot chocolate spoons to put the choice back into customers’ hands as they decide what type of plant-based milk they use for their hot chocolate.”

    And so in the summer of 2020, we put our heads together and came up with Happi! Our range of allergen-free Oat M!lk Chocolate tastes great; is lower in sugar than other leading Milk Chocolate brands; and is sustainably sourced and packaged. Better for our kids, us, and the planet. And so in January 2021, we launched Happi.