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New Dairy Queen Confetti Cake Dipped Ice-Cream Cone

    New Dairy Queen Confetti Cake Dipped Ice-Cream Cone

    Spring has sprung at Dairy Queen with their delightful new confetti cake-dipped cone creation! Try the new luscious vanilla soft serve nestled within a cake cone, then dipped into a pool of confetti cake-flavored cone dip, adorned with a colorful array of sprinkles. It’s like a celebration in every bite!

    For those unfamiliar, a confetti cake is a delightful concoction where white or yellow cake batter gets infused with the whimsy of rainbow sprinkles. While this cake sensation has been around for quite some time, it’s often linked with Pillsbury’s iconic Funfetti line, which first hit shelves in 1989.

    This mouthwatering marvel isn’t one to linger, though—it’s only gracing participating DQ locations for a limited time. So, seize the opportunity to indulge in this springtime treat while it lasts!

    And if you’re curious about previous flavors, Dairy Queen has a track record of tantalizing taste buds with their inventive limited-time cone dips. From the whimsical allure of Cotton Candy to the nostalgic charm of Orange Dreamsicle, each flavor has brought its burst of joy to the Dairy Queen experience. Who knows what delightful surprises they’ll concoct next?

    Oh, you didn’t know: In 1989, Pillsbury unveiled a revolutionary white cake mix infused with vibrant rainbow sprinkles, aptly named “Funfetti.” Unlike traditional cakes where sprinkles are merely decoration atop the frosting, Funfetti’s innovation lies in incorporating the colorful sprinkles directly into the batter. This ingenious twist instantly captured the imagination of baking consumers alike. Pillsbury swiftly recognized the meteoric rise of Funfetti as a standout product, solidifying its status as a household favorite in no time.