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Dairy Queen introduces a new Churro Dipped Cone 

    dairy queen churro dipped cones

    It seems every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the food business is always finding a way to put churro everything. Dairy Queen is no stranger to this game. Look out for a churro-dipped cone this spring.

    Dairy Queen is kicking off spring with a handful of treats, including a new churro-dipped cone flavor. The Churro Dipped Cone starts with a vanilla soft-serve cone that is then dipped in a churro-flavored cone coating. Before the coating hardens, it is sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar topping.

    Fun Fact: The churro originated in ancient China as a savory fried snack, called a “youtiao.” Portuguese traders made them their own, covering the pastry in sugar instead of salt. As the snack became popular with Spanish shepherds, it got the name “churro,” named for the horns of the churra sheep.