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Michel Roux searches for Chocolate Perfection

    chocolate perfection

    The history of chocolate is a myriad and complicated one of wonder and awe. Michel Roux, a world-renowned chef is on a quest to teach us the culinary backstory of everybody’s favorite sin. Chocolate! Now you can own the documentary on DVD is the previously filmed study on chocolate from Magnolia Pictures.

    max chocolate man

    World-renowned chef Michel Roux sets out to discover the secret of chocolate, its sublime complexity and the roots of its power over us. From a sacred drink of Aztec Emperors to the aphrodisiac of choice at Louis XIV’s court in Versailles, Michel guides us through the past and present of chocolate. He tastes and tempers, dips and decorates, in the hope that by understanding the art of chocolate making he’ll manage to create his very own unique, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flavor.